Your lesson, your journey. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, I build a lesson plan unique to you, always taking into account your goals and aspirations .


At the core of my approach is teaching the fundamental building blocks of technique. Developing the correct methods and mechanics is the key to unlocking your potential.

My goal is to make learning fun, build confidence, develop musicianship and ultimately give you the vocabulary you need to tackle any drumming challenge and play music like a pro.


My studio is set up to make the learning as effective as possible. I use state of the art technology such as audio play back, slow-down and recording software as a core part of my teaching process. This approach is very useful in helping students of all abilities identify their strengths and weaknesses, hear and see the true picture of their playing, enabling them to make faster progress.

This approach has proved to be valuable especially for experienced students preparing for important performances or recording sessions.


The drum set is one of the most versatile instruments and can be used to play a wide variety of genres. I often encourage students to play a diverse range of musical styles which has the benefits of improving both their musicianship and technical skills.

If its Pop, Classic or modern Rock, Funk, RnB, Hip Hop, blues, Jazz, Brazilian or Afro Cuban, I can teach you to play these in an authentic and professional manner. 


Reading music and drum notation in particular is much easier than some people think! It is an important aspect of learning an instrument and a valuable asset when playing with other musicians.

Over the last two decades, I have developed a vast library of exercises, studies and transcriptions with corresponding audio material across all major contemporary styles of drumming. Over time each student builds a detailed  record of what they have studied, which they can refer to throughout their drumming journey.